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Roleplaying Character at: Chronicles of Middle Earth

Username: Padawan Jenn
Contact: ~
Character Name: Sarlonde Lyre
Race: Sindar Elf
Sex:  Female
Age: A lady never tells but she was born in the first hundred years or so of the Third Age
Nationality: Lothlorien
Occupation:  Elven Scout in Haldir's company. She is a fantastic archer and deadly with the several throwing knives secreted about her body, she finds the sword that comes with the job a little cumbersome but wields it with deadly accuracy, she is also very good with a sling shot as well when ever she runs out of arrows and knives. She allow with her twin brother, watched and taught themselves with the sling shot and she learnt from Haldir himself the art of using the bow, but the precise of her knife throwing comes from practice on her own part.

Weaknesses: She is not a bulky build so she relies on nimbleness and her dexterity in a fight. She is much better fighting at a distance with projectiles rather than hand to hand combat where she can easily be overcome. 
Strengths: Very fast and has very good aim. She excells in any projectile weaponary and is very good at hiding and fitting into tight places. Nimble.
Appearance: Tall, willowy, long dark brown tied in normal Elven fashion hair, piercing green eyes, tanned skin - well tanned enough for one that lives in a forest, fit taunt body shape, strong featured face that lights up when she laughs. Often wears forest greens and tans mainly her own Scout uniform - made from soft and durable Elven cloth of course (see banner)
Personality: She is highly approachable and likes meeting new people of all races. She is wary of dwarves and a little suspicious of humans. She can sometimes talk a little much but never when she knows it is best to be quiet. She is quite comfortable listening to conversations, only putting her worth in if she deems it necessary and always waits her turn not wanting to interrupt - which she will do if she is quiet passionate about the subject though. She used to laugh readily when Darlon was around but since he left she is much quieter and more solemn, though sometimes a person an invoke her laughter from her. She follows orders competently and always speaks her mind if she deems it necessary. She is often found alone at her scouting duties or with the rest of the Elven army. 

History: Sarlonde dangles her feet in the water and looks up at Cirdan with a sigh. Cirdan wraps the rope around the warf holding one of the last ships in place lest it float off, before sitting down next to her.
Sarlonde gives him a brief smile, "As much as I love it here, I yearn to see White Shores and Darlon.
"It seems like an age since I saw him, the festering wound slowly creeping up his leg as I rode as fast as I could to get him here, I nearly lamed that horse you know, it was never the same after that, that or the fact it knew that one of its master's was never coming back.... Look at me I'm all chocked up... I think about my twin everyday, I know in my heart that he made it and that he is waiting for me but still I stayed. I guess I hoped that somehow I could do something here, something important, something that would help save, well everything."
Sarlonde looks around at the now deserted Elven city by the sea a sad look on her face, how could something so beautiful just be left, but in her heart she knew and longed for it.
"I remember growing up in Lothlorien, Darlon always following me two steps behind, never wanting to let me out of his sight, even for a moment. I swear he only joined Captain Haldir's troops because I wanted to. I remember being so angry at him when he told me the news, I stormed off in a rage, knowing it would be next to impossible for me to join despite the deepest longing to, that and I lacked the courage to ask. It shocked me greatly when I was asked if I would like to join, Haldir himself approached me on one of the talen's and offered me a position in his band, I was so overjoyed that I hugged him, my to my own embrassment mind you. Red faced I stammered my reply and ran off only to run straight into Darlon who had a huge grin on his face. We were inseperable after that, taking patrols together, hunting together, sneaking out of the forest together, though mind you no one was supposed to know about that but I know that Lady Galariel always did because she would always give me a knowing look whenever we had come back from one of those 'patrols'. 
"I will never forget the day when the Captain picked us in his elite squad to travel out past the borders. Darlon and I was overjoyed, it was such a random thing, encountering a bunch of Orcs who had ventured to far, Darlon getting hit on the leg, I didn't think anything of it till we returned to our small home and I noticed how aggrevated the wound was, I don't know how I did it but I carried Darlon to the Lady and she told me gravely that only one thing could cure Darlon and that was to send him West. The rest is a bit of a blur for me, I don't remember getting the horses or even riding out of the forest, but I was on my way, Darlon weakening every hour that went by. I remember the look on your face when I rode up through the city, the ship was moments away from leaving but I knew you would wait for us. I remember picking up Darlon and carrying him to the ship laying him on the bed of one of the cabins, you just a step behind me, I almost went then, I almost stayed on the ship, but it was Darlon who stopped me, his dark eyes boaring holes into mine, he simply said, "I'll wait for you."
"I could never thank you enough for keeping that ship, it would've broken my heart to see him die. It has been different since he's been gone, I can't say that its been worse, just different, I feel a hole where he should be, I try to patch the hole over as much as I can with my patrolling but I still find myself longing to come here, to stand at the edge of Middle Earth and see if I can pierce the mists and see him on the other side whilst I wait till I know I should leave."
A soft singing is heard in the distance and both Elves turn to the sound.
"I should be going now, it sounds like you will be having company, I don't know what stands ahead of me I only know that he will be waiting, along with my parents."

Sample RP post:Sarlonde drew her knees to her chest and placed her head on top of them watching the Golden City below as the sun set in the distance. Her father walked about behind her, not saying a word and joined in watching. Sarlonde knew that her mother would be inside preparing the evening meal.
I'm glad you're back from your patrols tonight
Sarlonde shifted her head to face her father, her arms still wrapped around her legs and gave him a smile which he returned.
So am I Ada, so am I
She turned her head back out to the now lit up city and with a sigh got to her feet giving her father a quick hug before making her way into the kitchen to help her mother.
Her mother's bright green eyes watch her with a sad smile as Sarlonde sets out the table. Her father entered and stopped at the doorway, his face full of shock, puzzled Sarlonde opened her mouth to ask him what was wrong and realised that she had set out 4 plates instead of three. Wordlessly her father made his way over to her and enveloped her in a hug saying soothing words.

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