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Roleplaying Character at: Minuial na Aduial

Username: Khallandra
Contact: ~
Character Name: Beleg Strongbow
Race: Elf of Doriath
Sex:  Male
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Grey-Elf from Doriath
Occupation:  Chief of Thingol's march-wardens and protector of Doriath. Great elven archer and woodsman and healer also known by the name "Strongbow" or Cuthalion.
Description: Tall, bulky, dark haired elf that carries a great Elven bow by the name of Belthronding which is made out of black yew and a dark sword by the name of Anglachel.

History: After the siege of Angband many of the Grey-Elves fled to Doriath the kingdom of Melian and Thingol, soon Morgoth attacked again overthrowing the sons of Farafin. The world of Beleraind was in peril and when the people of Haleth from the Forest of Brethil (namely Halmir) called for aid from Doriath, Beleg Strongbow lead a group of Sindar armed with axes into Brethil and caught the Orc-legions in their grasp – smiting them without abandon. Bringing peace to the land the people of Brethil lived in peace for many years.

After the huge evil wolf Carcharoth ate the Silmaril and ran onto Menegorth, Beleg along with, Huan the Hound of Valinor, Mablung, Beren and even King Thingol rode out on the Hunting of the Wolf. As they passed over the River Esgalduin Luthien felt a shadow pass over her in an evil omen. The Hunters came upon the wolf in a dark valley before a great waterfall but the cunning creature hid, so the Hunters set up a guard and waited for the creature to attack. All except Huan who had spied Carcharoth in the thicket and went in for the attack but seeing his enemy Carcharoth attacked Thingol instead – leaping forward Beren stabbed the great beast to distract him whilst Huan leapt from behind. Beleg and Mablung quickly came to the aid of Thingol but upon seeing Beleg’s injuries and the body of Huan they threw aside their spears and wept. The three hunters raised Beren Camlost upon a bier, Huan alongside him and took him to Menegorth where Luthien was waiting.

Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Aroediad. Gwindor of Nargothrond went to the Nrothern war with the sons of Feanor under the banner of the house of Fingolfin, whilst Thingol was asked to yield the Silmaril, becoming angry he refused and instead fortifying his borders and not lending any aid to his Northern kin. Beleg and Mablung asked Thingol if they could go to war and he conceded making them promise not to march under the orders of the sons of Feanor. The pair agrees and joined the hosts of Fingon. As Fingon looked out from the walls of Eithel Sirion he saw his host spread out in the valleys and woods away from the prying eyes of the enemy. But by fowl craft Morgoth taunted his enemy and drew them forth – they reached Angband but on the fourth day a host of Men betrayed the allies and forced the Elves into retreat – slaying an untold number of them including Fingon, the High King of the Noldor. Sensing all to be lost Beleg returned home to Doriath.

During a routine patrol of the borders Beleg came across Turin who felt pity for the young man and lead him to Menegroth where the boy was fostered. As he grew Turin became strong and hail and took up arms and together with Beleg they travelled the forests. After three years they returned, Turin wild and unkept, during unfortunate events Turin was responsible for the death of Saeros one of the messengers from Nandor and so he fled leaving his best friend behind. When Beleg returned from the north marshes Thingol sent him to find Turin and so Beleg Strongbow once again left the lands of Doriath in search of his friend. He travelled far and wide across Beleriand, after a year had passed Beleg came across Turin’s camp in the night when Turin was not there, so the outlaws bound him to a tree and treated him cruelly until Turin returned and was shocked and forced them to release his friend. Beleg implored Turin to accept the pardon of Thingol but the man refused and Beleg told Turin to look for him at Dimbar if he was in need of his help and left the camp. Beleg quickly returned to Thingol and Melian and told them all, begging Thingol to let him become the guard and guide of Turin. Thingol assented and told Beleg to choose a sword to which Beleg choose Anglachel, the blade crafted by Ëol, ignoring Melian’s warning he took the sword and returned to Dimbar and his men, slaying the Orcs before setting out to find Turin yet again. During midwinter Beleg came upon the camp yet again, clothed in white he scared all of the men before revealing his giant bulk and face. Thus Beleg joined the outlaws giving the men lembas from Melain when needed and tending to their injuries and he quickly became held in high honour amongst the outlaws, all save Mim the Dwarf who hated the Elf with abandon. Putting on the Dragon-helm, Turin and Beleg became known to the enemy as “The Helm and the Bow.” Betraying the company Mim lead the Orcs to the men where most were slain and Turin taken captive, finding Beleg lying wounded Mim tried to kill the Elf but failed and was chased away. But Beleg was sourly wounded and when he couldn’t find the body of Turin he set out northwards following the Orcs, not sleeping and barely eating. In his sorry state Beleg came upon another Elf sleeping by a dead tree, waking him and giving him lembas he learnt that the Elf was Gwindor of Nagothrond and together they went in search of Turin. Whilst the camp was sleeping Beleg took out his bow and shot the wolf sentinels and entered the camp finding Turin strapped to a tree. Together they released Turin and took him into a thicket of thorn trees where Beleg drew Anglachel and cut urin’s bond – but the blade slipped and Beleg pierced Turin’s foot. Turin awoke with rage and seized Anglachel slaying Beleg with a fell stroke. Seeing that he had killed his friend Turin retreated inside himself into a pit of despair and only on the insistence of Gwindor did they bury Beleg in a shallow grave, the great bow Belthronding beside him. Thus passed Beleg Strongbow of Doriath, Laer Cu Beleg.

Sample RP post:  Beleg stretches in the morning sun, his neck creaking as he turns it to the newley risen sun admiring the view from his vantage point high in the trees. Nimbley he jumps to the ground, grabbing his bow and quiver on the way down. He washes his face in the nearby stream before letting out a shrill whistle between his teeth. He waits patiently for the answering call and makes his way over to the direction of the sound.

"I have seen three creatures of unknown origin lingering in the south western border," remarks the marsh-warden.

Beleg nods his head in thanks before following the Elf to the location of the possible intruders. Beleg peers around the tree and spies the three creatures, "Dwarves," he whispears and the other Elf nods his head - they were very strange looking dwarves.

Beleg steps into the clearing, looking down at the small creatures, "You are not welcome here, leave."

The large ugly dwarf steps forward, "This will be our home, you can not make us leave."

Beleg raises an eyebrow, "Really?"

With a flick of his wrist, barely even noticable several Elves step into view, their bows knocked and pointed at the dwarves.

The dwarf looks at him in horror and the three scamper away, Beleg turns to his companion, "Follow them, make sure they don't even think about coming back."

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