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Roleplaying Character at: Minuial na Aduial

Username: Khallandra
Contact: ~
Character Name: Gwindor of Nargothrond
Race: Noldorian of Finrod's Nargothrond
Sex:  Male
Age: Born in Valinor or at Cuiviénien or in First Age
Nationality: Nargothrondian
Occupation:  Valiant Prince, leader of a small company
Description: Valiant Prince who loves his brother Gelmir deeply, he is loved by many and very noble and a good leader and well respected. He is highly spoken of and is a mighty warrior taking on any and all he can. He is a good leader and in some cases is a little arrogant. He is light haired with sharp grey eyes, tall and handsome, he caries himself like a prince, he bares a beautiful sword given to him by his father and a sharp dagger gifted to him by his brother.
History: Son of Guilin, brother of Gelmir from Nargothrond. 
In 468 Gwindor lead a small company to the Northern war under the banners of Fingon (because he didn't want to ride under Fëanor's sons) but his brother Gelmir had been taken captive at the Battle of the Sudden Flame.
In 472 Gwindor was taken captive by Morgoth after seeing his brother sawn to pieces and riding to the gates of Angband itself.
In 489 Gwindor escaped from Angband and was lost in the Taur-nu-Guin where he was rescued by Beleg Strongbow and subsequently aided in the rescue of Turin.
They returned to Nargothrond in 490 where Gwindor's betrothed Finduilas recognised him even though he had aged greatly. Turin slowly came into power in the next 5 years and her love turned from Gwindor to Turin and Gwindor fell into dishonour.
During the battle of Tum-halad Gwindor was mortally wounded on the field and Turin carried him away and he died on the soft green grass pleading for Turin to make sure Finduilas was safe. To which he failed.

Sample RP post: Gwindor held his hand up for quiet and his men hushed quickly, he stares at each of them in turn measuring their strength and will before taking a breath to begin his speech. He walks his horse up in front of the small company of Elves. He turns to his brother who grins in response.
"Morgoth's forces once again threaten our lands, our people, our homes, but no more!" he thunders, his face shining in the bleak morning sun.
"We shall not let the dark forces take our women, we shall be victorious!"
His men roar in approval and a madness darkens his eyes momentarily before disappearing. Gelmir nods and looks over the field, Gwindor follows his gaze and catches Fingon's eyes and bows his head before returning his gaze to the loaming battle. He catches sight of some movement out of the corner of his eyes and drives his horse relentlessly towards the shape, within a few seconds he bears upon the skulking shape and draws out his sword levelling it at the creature.
"Who dares enter the camp of Gwindor son of Guilin, creature?"
The small man cowers before the mighty Elven Lord, "N-n-no-one mighty lord," squeaks the man. Gwindor curls his mouth distastefully.
"Begone ill-omened one," he flicks his sword and the man cowers away, running as fast as his legs can carrying him across the ground.
"He could've been one of Morgoth's spies," whispers one of Gwindor's companions to which Gwindor ignores.
Gwindor catches his horse up to Fingon and Fingolfin at the front of the march, his heart darkened by the loaming battles ahead as he reaches the two Lords dismounts his horse and bows from the waist.
"My Lord," he intones and waits for his instructions.

[Another Example]
Gwindor brushes a hand through his hair and breathes in the fresh morning air, a weight settles on his heart as he thinks about his brother Gelmir and reminisces about pasts spent together hunting, laughing and singing. He feels a slight hand on his shoulder and turns around his face still dark from morning. A beautiful Elf stands in front of him and his heart shines as he smiles at her, for she is Finduilas daughter of Orodreth the King.
"Faelivirin," he whispers and she smiles making his heart swell with the love for her. He reaches and cups her face in his hand and gazes into her eyes. A sharp cough is heard from behind him and he recoils his hand to glare at the person who had interrupted them. The offending Elf grins at him in return which causes Gwindor's face to darken even further.

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