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Roleplaying Character at: Minuial na Aduial

User Name: Lord Finrod Felagund

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Character: Finrod Felagund son of Finarfin and Earwen brother of Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor & Galadriel

Other Names:  FindarŠto in Telerin, ArtafindŽ in Quenya, Felagund by the Dwarves, Nům by the men of BŽor

Race:  Elf Lord, Noldorian Exile (in reality only 1/4 Noldor as his grandmother was one of the Vanyar and his mother one of the 'junior' races of Elves (OlwŽ of AlqualondŽ)

Physical Description:  Tall, lithe, golden haired, said to be the fairest of the Elven princes

Emotional Description:  Despite all of the troubles from the past, Finrod is quite a happy go lucky kind of Elf lord, he had travelled with Turgon for a time and upon being visited by Ulmo his life had taken a different turn and he became a little obsessed with finding a spot for a hidden forest. When visiting Thingol and Melian in Doriath, he had fallen in love with the halls of Menegroth and built his own in the caves of Nargothrond. Whilst sometimes it might seem like Finrod is a little dazes he is actually thinking things through and finding the best possible solution. He is fiercely loyal and loves his people greatly. No challenge is too big for Finrod who is happy to talk to anyone and gives all races a chance, bar the servants of Morgoth of course. He is said to have a noble and generous heart, high courage , youthful eagerness and unrest, a love for the sea and lands beyond as well as being Galadriel's closest kin

History: 1300. Born in Tirion upon Tķna in Aman

Born in Valar Finrod ever dwelt with his family and loved the fair AmariŽ of Vanya but his love for adventure and unseen lands claimed his heart. In 1495 when FŽanor came to Tirion and spoke harsh and fell words Fingolfin spoke against him and in this his sons Turgon and Fingon followed there father and wrath nearly came to drawn swords but Finrod followed his father who sought to calm the temper but yet he as his friends Turgon and Fingon wished to see the lands of Middle-Earth. And hear he became one of the Noldorian exiles leaving the fair city of Mindon Elalieva behind, though he was not part of the elves who took part in the kin slaying at the great harbour. After FŽanor left Fingolfin and company to which Finrod was part of they passed through the bitter North, enduring the terror of HelcaraxŽ and the cruel hills of Ice. They had a squirmish with Morgoth's forces and struck fear into Morgoth's heart and passed through Dor Daedeloth but because of the curse Morgoth saw the division in his enemy and laughed. In FA 20 Fingolfin held a great feast in Mereth Aderthrand and remembered the past.

Soon after Finrod met up with his friend Turgon on the island of Tol Sirion (where he had founded the tower of Minas Tirith) and together they travelled the lands of Beleraind. They came upon the Mores of Twilight beside the waters of Sirion where Ulmo visited each of them separately giving them heavy dreams. They parted company each with a purpose of finding a place for a fortress against foes and the onslaught of evil, neither knowing that the other had the same purpose.

After travelling for some time Finrod went with his sister to Doriath and because they were kin of his he let them through. Finrod was quickly filled with wonder at the strength and beauty of Menegorth and told Thingol of his dream to find a place to set up a hidden realm. Thingol informed him of the deep gorge of River Narog and the caves there in. Finrod took his eave, Galadriel staying behind and travelled to the self same place and founded Nargothrond in the caves in FA 102 leaving Minas Tirith to his brother Orodreth. He befriended the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains who helped build Nargothrond and for his friendship they gave to him the beautiful necklace of Nauglamir which was wrought of delicate gold and beautiful gems. Finrod delved deep in is caves at Tirion and found many treasures there in making his halls some of the most beautiful in e land. Nargothrond itself extended west of Narog to the river Nenning and he became overlord of all the Elves between Sirion and the sea save for Cirdan's realm of Falas. There along the reaches of the sea stood the tower of Barad Nimros to watch the western sea. And the great wall of Andram that runs from Nargothrond to Ramdal.

Finrod had a great love for travelling and wandering and ever went searching, he even befriended the Green Elves in Ossirind.

When travelling with his brothers to visit Galadriel, Thingol asks Finrod to explain the kin slaying but Finrod says nothing not wanting to bring charges against other princes but Angrod speaks out and tells Thingol who becomes very angry at the kin slaying. Before leaving Doriath to return to Nargothrond Galadriel asks her brother why he hasn't married and he replies, "An oath I too shall swear and must be free to fulfil it and go into darkness. Nor shall anything of my realm endure that a son shall inherit" foretelling his own death and the ruin of his wrought city. Though for him, his heart dwelt with AmariŽ who came not into exile with him.

During the years of long peace Finrod was hunting with Maglor and Maedhros, he soon left them and went travelling some more and came upon the first vestiges of men from the east, BŽor's people in Ossirind. When they were asleep he ventured into their camp and played a song for them on the battered harp, singing the story of the Valar. Being awoken by such a lovely sound the Men took him to be one of the Valar and named him Nům which means Wisdom. He quickly learnt he could read their thoughts and learnt the language with ease. After a year in their company Finrod left their company taking BŽor with him back to Nargothrond and he often returned to visit the races of Men as they came across the mountains, a friend to all.

In FA 422 he even managed to convince Thingol to let Lady Haleth's people (who had seen much woe) dwell in Brethil on the borders of the Girdle.

During FA 455, Dagolar Bragollach and the Battle of the Sudden Flame where Angrod and Aegnor died, Finrod was coming from the south and was cut of from the rest of his host bar a small company in Fen of Serech. He would've been slain or taken captive like some of his other people but the man Barahir saved him, taking much losses to guard the Elf in a wall of spears and taking him to safely. After escaping Finrod gave Barahir his ring and an oath of friendship before returning to Nargothrond.

After some more battled Curufin and Celegrom came to Nargothrond and strengthened the halls, which greatly worried Morgoth because he had no idea of the power nor even its location nor would he for the elves of Nargothrond ever guarded the plains and where ruled brilliantly by Finrod.

Some years later (FA 465) Beren came to Nargothrond waving his father's ring to which Finrod knew what was to come, sensing that this was the time on which his oath would lead to his death. He spoke before his people but the sons of FŽanor whether strike by jealousy or the curse spoke against him, turning the people of Nargothrond against him so much that the Elves were happy to let Finrod go off to his own death. Drenched in sadness and anger, Finrod took off his silver crown and handed in to his brother Orodreth and left the land in which he had founded.

Finrod travelled with Beren and 10 loyal companions of the former King and using illusion, Finrod gave them all the likeness of Orcs so they could travel through Taur-nu-Fuin easily, but Sauron was suspicious and in a battle of songs of power won, stripping Finrod and his company of their disguise and sending them naked into the dark pit where one by one they were taken by a great wolf in the darkness, Sauron keeping Finrod for the last suspecting him of being one of the Noldor. When the wolf came for Beren Finrod attacked it, killing it with his hands and teeth but taking mortal wounds for himself, to which he had foretold. There he died in the dark of Tol-in-Gauroth, a tower he himself had built. Beren wept and after his escape with Luthien they buried Finrod on the hill-top of his own isle, cleaning the land and sending the forces of dark away where it remained ever green. Hear the "fairest of all the princes of the elves" remained in body but it is said that he walks with his father Finarfin beneath the trees in Eldamar and with his lady love of Almariť.

After leaving with Beren the people of Nargothrond remained in fear of fighting and only during the time of Turin did they take up arms again but it was too late for Morgoth's forces soon demolished it, fulfilling the second part of Finrod's foretelling


Sample Post (1)

Finrod walked down the path, pausing every now and again to peer into certain areas of the caves before progressing onwards. He had spent several days in the warrens of the caves exploring every nock and cranny that he could find, mentally evaluating locations for various halls, 'buildings' and stands. After leaving Galadriel in Doriath, Finrod had quickly made his way over to explore the area in which Thingol had described bringing hope to Finrod heart yet again. Finrod spared a thought for his good friend Turgon and wondered what the other Elf was up to, not knowing that Turgon himself was also scouting out areas for a hidden fortress against Morgoth, later to be known as Gondolion. Finrod smiled at the sound of another Elf's steps behind him and he turned to the newcomer.

The newcomer was dark haired, quite unusual for the Noldorian exiles who were either fair haired or lighter shades of brown, he approached his lord carefully, not wanting to step on any toes.

My Lord, we thought you had gotten lost

Finrod smiled at the elf No dear Gelmir, I am not lost, I am just trying to find the best places for our new home

Gelmir shuffled his feet, he like some of Finrod's people had been slightest taken back by their Lord's apparent love of the caves and this new land that was in fact a perfect place for a hidden fortress. Though the paths leading to the site for the new city were troublesome and narrow they could be defended with ease and the vast grasslands made it easy to scout for enemies.

Finrod taped the wall of the cave and looked at the waiting elf This place is absolutely perfect, I think I shall get some dwarves in to help with the construction Finrod turned back to Gelmir and laughed at the horrified expression on the other Elf's face. He patted Gelmir on the back as he exited the cave back into the main corridor and out into the afternoon sun. 

Sample Post (2)

A big smile had lit up Finrod's face as he approached Falas, long had he desired to step back into Falas, but the demands of running Nargothrond were vast leaving little time for the son of Finarfin to do anything else. But when the call came from Falas to attend a council in order to decide what the Elves would do against the ever increasing foes of Morgoth, Finrod jumped at the chance to attend.

I wonder if I will see any of my cousins or even my dear sister, it has been so long since we have spoken

Finrod nodded at the passing Elf Prince named Gwindor as he rode past high on Menven's tail. Finrod paused taking a deep breath of the sea air, long he had spent in the caves of Nargothrond and the sweet smell of the sea was a welcome change though it did bring back some unpleasant memories and a longing for what he had lost. Finrod shook the thought away and assessed the surroundings, he saw banners of the hosts of men, most unfamiliar to him but very little of the Elves, he had hoped to see the banners of his cousin Fingon or his uncle Fingolfin but they had not yet arrived. Finrod watched and waited as a lone Elf approached the group and bowed, Finrod bowed in response.

Mae govannen

Mae govannen, Lord Finrod of Nargothrond, my Lord Cirdan is pleased that you have arrived and has directed me to show you were you can make camp.

Finrod nodded at the Elf and followed him to their camping spot hoping that the young Prince Gwindor would be able to find them later on.

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