What is Avatar Ratava I hear you ask? Well it is a website that contains avatars, wallpapers and banners for free use on a variety of topics! The only conditions is that you link back to Avatar Ratava with http://avatarratava.khallandra.net in your signature. Simple as Pie!

Why have I made so many avatars? Honestly, I just love photo manipulations and making something really neat looking out of something that was very plain to start off with. It's a whole heap of fun and whilst some of my 'creations' aren't all that great some of them have even suprised me.

What can we see from Avatar Ratava in teh future? Well I'm hoping soon that Tripod will have PHP so that I can have dynamic page loading and a proper Feedback form. Other than that I am planning on dabbling more into screen savers and wallpapers and moving away from teh avatar creation stage - though avatars will always be a spur of the moment kind of thing.

Where did it all start? Well it all started in April 2002 when I joined RingQuest and started making my own avatars back then. I entered some competitions and generally just had fun (see the Evolution page for more).

Where can I use the avatars? Mainly they are designed for message boards though you might have to resize the avatar to suit. You can also use them on MSN, even print them out and sick them to things if you really want to!

About the 'Artist'

I'm usually known 'around' as Khallandra sporting my own creations of course! I spend a fair amount of time in front of a computer whether it be at uni, home or work and I am actually both a Biologist and Software Developer/Programmer.

Note: Artwork used in the banner is from: Geoff Taylor my all time favourite fantasy artist

Also visit: Graphiccan for all your digital art needs.

All images (c) Khallandra and can not be used without following the rules mentioned.
Avatar Ratava is a no profit website, all images used are the property of the artists & production companies.