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Welcome to Avatar Ratava, your one stop Avatar, Banner and Wallpaper shop where everything is FREE. The only condition of using one of the items found on this website is that you put a link back to in your signature. To find out how I do it use the Tutorial.

If you have been here before, AvatarRatava has undergone a revamp. Due to bandwidth resitriction there are thumbnails of all of the avatars and to view the full icon you need to click on the thumbnail picture. Also the resulting picture is still 125x125 but you can resize them to 96x96 for MSN, 100x100 for LJ or any size you need. If you need help contact me via the Feedback Form
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21st of June 2005
- Avatars: (4) Star Wars, (2) Lord of the Rings, (4) Dr Who, (2) Other, (2) X-Men, (2) Movies, (1) Phantom of the Opera, (1) Harry Potter
- Wallpapers: (1) Movie - Batman Begins

1st of June 2005
- Avatars: (6) Star Wars, (1) Battlestar Galactica, (12) Dr Who, (1) Other
- Wallpapers: (1) Star Wars - Obi-Wan Kenobi

15th of May 2005
- Wallpapers: (1) Lord of the Rings (Théoden)

11th of May 2005
- Avatars: (2) LotR, (3) Art, (3) Harry Potter, (4) Movies (Dear Frankie, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander & Hitchhiker's Guide), (12) Star Wars, (1) Animal, (6) Battlestar Galactica, (3) Dr Who, (5) Other (3 Gerard), (6) Stargate, (4) TV Shows (Carnivale, LOST)
- Wallpapers: (1) Star Wars - Padme, (1) Battlestar Galactica (Apollo), (1) Dr Who - The Doctor

31st of March 2005
- Avatars: (1) LotR, (5) Movies (Reign of Fire, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, House of Flying Daggers, Alexander and Timeline), (3) Art, (1) Phantom of the Opera, (10) Star Wars, (4) Misc Other
- Wallpapers: (1) Star Wars - General Grievous

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